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Portable Heaters:

DeWalt - Heat Star - Mr. Heater

HS35FA Contractor Series Propane Forced Air Heater, 35,000 BTU Hr.
HS35CLP Cordless Forced Air Propane Heater 35,000 BTU Hr.
HS125KT Heavy Duty Portable Forced Air Kerosene Heater, 125,000 BTU Hr
HS1000ID Heavy Duty Indirect-Fired Heater, 110,000 BTU Hr.
HS6000DF Direct-Fired, Forced Air Diesel Heater, 610,000 BTU Hr.
HS210KT Heavy Duty Portable Forced Air Kerosene Heater, 210,000 BTU Hr
MHU50LP Big Maxx Propane & NG Unit Heater, 50,000 BTU Hr.
MH18B Big Buddy Propane Heater, 4,000-9,000-18,000 BTU Hr
MH4B Little Buddy Radiant 1 lb. Propane Cylinder Heater 3,800 BTU Hr., 5.6 Hours Run Time.
HS22LP Liquid Propane Garage Shop Heater, 22,000 BTU Hr
HS80CVN Portable Natural Gas Convection Heater, 60,000 BTU Hr
HS2000ID Heavy Duty Indirect-Fired Heater, 205,000 BTU Hr.
HS4000ID-HD Heavy Duty Indirect-Fired Heater, 400,000 BTU Hr.
MH45T Triple Tank Top Heater, 10,000-45,000 BTU Hr
HS7000ID-XL Indirect-Fired Heater w.o. Burner, 700,000 BTU Hr.
HS125N Portable Natural Gas Radiant Heater, 125,000 BTU Hr.
HS155-IR Oil Fired Infrared Radiant Heater, 155,000 BTU Hr.

If you require a portable heating unit for your job site, workshop, home, campsite or just about anywhere else, look no further.  With DeWalt, Heat Star & Mr. Heater's market leading technology & unmatched quality products, we have the heating system for your needs.  Designed for consumer, commercial & construction use, these rugged heaters will last for years to come.  From small low output heaters, to large propane, fuel-oil , kerosene * natural gas heaters with a wheeled base and frame for easy mobility, there is a heater for every requirement.  Also available are ceiling mount furnace heaters for natural gas & propane hook up.  Ranging from 3800 BTU/hr. to 610000 BTU/hr. you will have no problem finding the right heater to suit your needs.  Give us a call or send us an email for more information and pricing.

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