Portable Heaters:

DeWalt - Heat Star - Mr. Heater

If you require a portable heating unit for your job site, workshop, home, campsite or just about anywhere else, look no further.  With DeWalt, Heat Star & Mr. Heater's market leading technology & unmatched quality products, we have the heating system for your needs.  Designed for consumer, commercial & construction use, these rugged heaters will last for years to come.  From small low output heaters, to large propane, fuel-oil , kerosene * natural gas heaters with a wheeled base and frame for easy mobility, there is a heater for every requirement.  Also available are ceiling mount furnace heaters for natural gas & propane hook up.  Ranging from 3800 BTU/hr. to 610000 BTU/hr. you will have no problem finding the right heater to suit your needs.  Give us a call or send us an email for more information and pricing.

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Site last updated: July 3,  2020