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Clutches & PTO's:

We handle many makes and models of Over Center Clutches & PTO's for all types of industrial equipment in fields such as crushering, drilling, screeners, grinding, mining , power generation, road work, lifts and all kinds of construction equipment. 

Transfluid Indusrial Tranmissions
We handle many other manufacturers makes and models in today's market. 
Transfluid SU Series PTO Power Take OFf Clutch Pump Dirve
Transfluid TPO-TPH Series PTO Power Take Off
Transfluid HFO-HFR Series PTO Power Take Off Clutch
Transfluid PF Series Clutches & PTO's Power Take Off's
314 PTO, 14 Inch Triple Plate Clutch
Friction Plate - Drive Plate
Over Center Clutch
318 Straddle Bearing PTO
WPT Pump Drive PTO

Although we specialize in Transfluid Industrial Clutches & PTO's, we also supply parts and complete units for most industrial over center clutches & PTO's in today's market.  From single plate 6 inch clutches all the way up to 21 inch power take off's.  Call or email us with your make, model and, if possible, BOM or Spec number and we can help you find the parts or unit that you require. We have parts and units for most manufacturers and a variety of options to cater to your application needs. Some of the more common manufacturers in today's market include: PEC, NACD, Twin Disc, Capital, Rockford & Durst

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